High Five Paramotoring - Powered Paragliding training and equipment in SW Wisconsin

Powered Paraglider equipment and training in southwest Wisconsin.

Meet the Five

We are a father and son team of five Paramotor pilots living and working together in southern Wisconsin.

From left to right : Delvin, Ethan, Adriel, Doran and Jadon.

From left to right: Delvin, Ethan, Adriel, Doran and Jadon.


I've loved aviation my entire life and have dreamed of flying like a bird as long as I can remember. I've been building a tail-dragger light sport airplane from wood off and on for close to twenty years, but since finding powered paragliding I wonder what could possibly be more fun?! I love to fly 'low and slow' and explore the Wisconsin countryside with my boys. Since learning to fly PPG in 2013 I've had the chance to fly many different gliders and motors and I enjoy helping new people choose the best equipment for them. 


Growing up watching and helping my Dad build his airplane I always knew that someday I would pilot something through the sky myself. Ultralight aviation especially always attracted my interest and after seeing Powered Paragliders on the internet I knew I had found my ticket to the skies. I love taking pictures from the air, long cross country adventures and practicing synchronized acrobatics with my brothers. I especially love seeing the excitement and joy of new pilots and enjoy teaching this sport to others.


Aviation has been a passion for me as long as I can remember too, and I've even dreamed of designing and building my very own aircraft. Powered Paragliding seemed like such a reachable form of aviation and I jumped on the opportunity to learn with my Dad and brothers. I've pushed myself to be the best possible pilot I can be ever since and was honored to win the USPPA national competition in 2016. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the sport with others and helping them be the best they can be too. 


I have always loved anything that flies and spent many hours building and flying remote control aircraft. Powered Paragliding seemed like a natural progression and I've never looked back. I love the "extreme" side of the sport and enjoy perfecting my in-air acrobatic maneuvers like barrel rolls and wing-overs. My favorite part of teaching people is helping them take their first solo flight.


With three older brothers passionate about aviation I quickly caught the flying "bug" and was excited to learn PPG with them. As the youngest of the five (13 when I started flying) I had a lot to prove to them and worked hard to be the best pilot I could be. There's nothing quite as fun as flying on calm summer evenings buzzing the tree tops and cornfields in my very own personal aircraft, a Powered Paraglider. I love watching and helping others progress in the sport and gain confidence in their skills too.

Our Location

We are located in Southwest Wisconsin, about halfway between Madison and La Crosse. The "driftless region" as it's called is a wonderful place to learn to fly with plenty of open farmland to fly from and endless hills and valleys to explore.

Here is approximate travel times to our location from major cities in the area:

  • 1.5 hours from Madison Wisconsin.
  • 1.5 hours from La Crosse Wisconsin.
  • 3 hours from Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • 3 hours from Appleton Wisconsin.
  • 2.5 hours from Rochester Minnesota.
  • 3.5 hours from Minneapolis Minnesota.
  • 1.5 hours from Dubuque Iowa.
  • 2.5 hours from Rockford Illinois.

Not from around here?

No problem. Contact us and can help you find the best instructor in your area.